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How to Fix a Dent on a Car?

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

There's nothing more frustrating than getting a dent on your brand new car. Regardless of whether you're a cautious driver, you can't generally avoid from falling pine cones, wrongly parked vehicles or stones that hit your vehicle when you're out and about. Since getting a dent repaired can be very costly, most of us would not even consider fixing a dent.

In any case, dents, particularly little ones, are not worth losing rest over. There are a lot of approaches to get rid of them from your vehicle by using common household objects, for example, a plunger, vacuum cleaner or aluminum foil. There is no guarantee that these will completely fix a dent but it may look better. You should use your own initiative on which method works best.

1. A Plunger

The most common method to quickly pop out a dent is to use a plunger. If a dent is not to big this method may work for you! A quick wash of warm water over the dent and the plunger and some pushing and pulling using the plunger should easily pop that dent right out.

2. Boiling Water

This method works best on plastic bumpers and other panels on your vehicle. Firstly boil a pot of water and then pour it gently over the dent on your car making sure all of the dented area is covered. Then if you can reach behind the bumper and push it outwards. (This may require a bit of force) you might need to remove the bumper if you cant get access to it. Finally cover the dented area with cold water to cool it down!

3. A Hair Dryer

Firstly locate the dent. Then find some aluminium foil, gloves, a hair dryer, dry ice, and a can of compressed air. Put on your gloves to protect your hands from any injuries and warm up the dented area using the hair dryer but not to close as it could damage the cars paintwork. (Roughly keep between 5 - 8 inches away). After a couple of minutes cover the dent with some aluminium foil. Rub the dry ice over the foil covering the dented area. It will also help by cooling the dent with the liquefied compressed air can. The quick change in temperature will make the dent jump back into place. This should happen between 30 to 90 seconds of cooling!

4. A Vacuum Cleaner and An Old Bucket

Make a small hole at the bottom of the bucket. Place the end of the vacuum in the hole and tape it up in duct tape so no gaps are visible. Then put the bucket on the dented area and turn the vacuum on. This should suck up the dent back into place!

Unfortunately not all dents can be fixed at home. Some dents have no other option but to get it professionally repaired.

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